A major common area railing replacement and concrete spalling repair project is underway at Keauhou Punahele and every building in the complex will be involved in the project. The project began with A Building, then B, C, D and E. The work will overlap between buildings and the full project is expected to continue for 8-10 months.


The spalling repair began last November and the B Building Circle is being used for construction staging and parking. The work has included spalling repair under the stairs and suspended walkways with construction noise, some dust and there may be the need to limit apartment access during the workday.   In February the removal of the hand and stair railings began with the A Building and will continue until all the entryway railings are replaced.  Again there will be noise, dust and limited apartment access.  The final phase will be the protective coatings on the walkways and stairs.  When applied the walkways and stairs will be closed to access as the multiple applications cure.

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